The Centre of Sustainable Development – Rehabilitation Center

In a nutshell
  • One of the largest non-profit third sector organisations in Finland

  • Years of experience in finding jobs for the long-term unemployed

  • Started as a voluntary work association in the mid 80’s


Main goals
  • Finding and creating jobs and educational possibilities for the long-term unemployed

  • Providing immigrant/migrant education and training

  • Preventing youth alianation in Oulu

  • Main focus group: youths aged under 30 and adults over 54 years old

Who we are?

Kestävän kehityksen keskus, The Centre of Sustainable Development, prevents social exclusion and works for more ecologically and sustainable world. We are located in Oulu, Finland.

The Centre it self is a working example of how employment actions, depletion of natural resources and recycling is connected to a functioning unit. Employing is the key operation of the Centre - the idea is to develop sustainlably a modern urban community in socially, economically and environmentally friendly way.

Today, the Centre employs over 350 young people, emigrants and native Finns, and the long-term unemployed in the workshops, as well as in local businesses. 

As a citizenly organization we have a 24-years-experience in social work based on the idea of recycling. It all started with the paper-sorting unit in 1981. The current Centre is located in Oulu, just a few kilometers from the city centre,  in the district of Välivainio. The Centre itself is built of recycled materials, the percentage of which is more than 40 per cent!


What we do?

The Centre provides rehabilitative work, work trials, as well as a wage subsidy jobs. In addition, we have the possibility to carry out work placement related to studies.  It's possible to try out different jobs and to gain experience in several areas.

The aim is to provide a wide range of work experience, education and training and to improve the employment opportunities. The work is combined with practical training and courses, which are held in our own workshops and, for example, construction sites.

There is currently more than 20 different services. The operating areas are commercial waste collection service; eco points construction and maintenance services, bicycle workshop and sewing workshop services, light machinery, a workshop for environmental improvements (forestry operations) as well as restoration workshop. In addition to the above, current supply (and further clarification of environmental improvements) there are still property management, construction and landscaping activities, clearing and lumberjack work and cleaning. Restoration and renovation, as well as a couple new building sites offer a number of high professional competence demanding jobs.

Our transnational project Searching for ecological, Social and and humane operation models 1.1.2019-31.12.2021 (S21517) Brochure
Project Manager: Kati Nurmentie, [email protected], +358 44 713 2213

Interested of getting a job in Oulu?

We have always work for those who for one reason or another - life situation, educational background or current employment situation - have not employed in the open labor market. In other words, all motivated unemployed are provided with employment opportunities!



Address: Sorvarintie 18, 90530 OULU

Phone: +358 44 7328 034, +358 44 7132 133 and +35844 0341 320

Email: [email protected]

Yritetään yhdessä Association Board of Directors

Ilkka Timonen

Paula Kylmänen

Valto Vaaraniemi

Other members
Tiina Sauvola
Veijo Röntynen
Seppo Vaaraniemi
Juha Tervaskanto